You are more than your physical body…

The Excursion Workshop

An Accredited Outreach Program

Developed by: The Monroe Institute

“Leaders in Consciousness Development and Exploration”

Enjoy total relaxation during this two-day adventure as you begin to discover and explore profound new areas of awareness, new insights, resources and guidance, beyond your physical senses. Conscious awareness is far more than your sense of being. It is a vast reality system operating not only through physical matter, but far beyond physical limitations. Yet it is your own natural energy. It is you.

Optimizing your brain’s potential while experiencing “whole-brain-function” is the gateway to your internal journey. This peak condition is achieved effortlessly as your mind is bathed in a scientifically based patented audio technology that you guide and control through your own intentions.

Developed by The Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync® is the foundation of all Monroe programs together with explanation, discussion and supportive group interaction. By delivering the conditions that have resulted in extraordinary personal transformation for thousands, TMI’s programs have attracted participation from every part of the world for more than 30 years.

After completing a program, the head of a Zen Buddhist temple believes… “[Participants] can reach meditation states [in a very short time] that took him years.” He soon began incorporating Hemi-Sync® as a training tool for his own students.

The primary goal of this workshop is to assist you in expanding your awareness, so that you may know and better understand your Total Self. Energized, refreshed and renewed you will return home with a deeper understanding of your human potential and with new, practical tools and resources for the all important task of living more fully every day.