The Excursion Workshop

A Two-day Adventure into Expanded States of Being”


An Accredited TMI Outreach Program

By: Dawn A. Tobin, TMI Outreach Facilitator

Developed by: The Monroe Institute

“Leaders in Consciousness Development and Exploration”

You are more than your physical body…”

At the borderland between wakefulness and sleep lies an infinite frontier of endless wonder. Journey deep within as you begin to discover, explore and unlock your hidden potential to improve every aspect of living more fully every day. Awaken to vast new horizons of human experience, new areas of awareness, new insights, resources and guidance – beyond your physical senses.

You’ll enjoy extraordinary relaxation during this two-day adventure as you experience and explore profound new states of focused awareness. Begin on day one by building the foundations. Through the introduction of Hemi-Sync* along with practical tools and direct personal experience of expanded being, you’ll find yourself awakening to greater internal awareness in Focus 10… a condition known as “mind awake, body asleep”. On day two, further expand your awareness of the hidden dimensions “beyond the physical body” in Focus 12 as you gain comfort and confidence in recognizing and moving through distinct inner states, and applying these new tools to everyday living.

*Optimizing your brain’s potential while experiencing “whole-brain-function” is the gateway to your internal journey. Developed by The Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync® is the foundation of all Monroe programs together with explanation, discussion and supportive group interaction.

Beyond the richness of this internal experience, you’ll enjoy the rewards made possible with the practical application of expanded awareness in all areas of daily life. Hemi-Sync® makes available a broader range of perceptions with which to solve problems, develop creativity, obtain guidance, relax, reduce pain and stress, focus and concentrate, meditate, sleep deeply, enhance spiritual being, and even release self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. A self-empowered life free of fears and limitations is at hand. Isn’t it time you found out for yourself?

The primary goal of this workshop is to assist you in expanding your awareness, so that you may know and better understand your Total Self. By providing the conditions that have resulted in extraordinary personal transformation for thousands, TMI’s programs have attracted participation from every part of the world for more than 30 years.

After completing a program, the head of a Zen Buddhist temple believes… “[Participants] can reach meditation states [in a very short time] that took him years.” He soon began incorporating Hemi-Sync® as a training tool for his own students.

Energized, refreshed and renewed you will return home with a deeper understanding of your human potential, and with new practical tools and resources for the all important task of living life to the fullest every day.

Program Fee of $250 Includes:

Snacks, Beverages and Lunches. Each participant will receive a valuable discount applicable toward the renowned TMI residential Gateway Voyage.

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What people are saying about their workshop experience…

I am not the same person. You did a wonderful job putting all of this together – Larry F.

I used the REBAL with my middle daughter who has some negativity/martyr issues. …She changed almost instantly! …It was amazing. What an incredible tool! – Judy M.

The information that you presented was clear and well defined. …Thank you for the experience. - Heather S.

I seem to be lighter in spirit…I don’t feel as burdened.  I don’t seem to have a lot on my mind.

I find I am hearing noise in more detail and listening to see where it is coming from.

This morning driving to work I saw the most beautiful sun rise. 

I also find myself smiling and I am the only one in the office this morning.  Very interesting.  I am enjoying this excitement. – Nancy H.

Information about the program facilitator follows:


Dawn A. Tobin, Accredited TMI Outreach Facilitator

Throughout my adult life I’ve been an avid reader of topics related to our spiritual, physical, and non-physical reality. In 1995, while book shopping, one in particular seemed to captivate my attention. It was titled, “Journeys Out of the Body”, by Robert A. Monroe (a leading figure throughout the 40’s and 50’s radio broadcasting industry.) I was quickly enthralled by the nature of Bob’s personal experiences, his credibility, and his deep commitment to maintaining a scientific standard of integrity as he endeavored to understand this spontaneous non-ordinary state of being. As I turned to the final pages, I desperately longed for more. Hoping the adventure might continue past the end, I began to leaf through the book again and found my eyes fixated on the last page of the foreword, my mouth hung open. There at the bottom of the page in a note to those who may be interested was the address of The Monroe Institute, a residential campus with programs designed to allow others to explore the vast expanse of their own consciousness in Bob’s pioneering footsteps! Almost before I knew it, I found myself attending my first program. This firsthand experience was a huge revelation. Finally, there was validation of an internal spiritual landscape free from the boundaries and limitations conceived by society, guided by internal knowing and direct firsthand experience. For me this was the catalyst to real awakening, empowerment, answers to life-long questions, the release of self-limiting behaviors and fears, and the beginning of true freedom.

It’s quite an honor to represent the Monroe Institute as an Outreach Facilitator. It’s the fulfillment of a long held desire to be of service to humanity through the continued growth of this internationally acclaimed leader in consciousness exploration.

Dawn’s background includes the study of Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Mysticism, The Paranormal, Ancient Wisdom, The Cosmos, Human Relations, and other topics beneficial to acquiring a very balanced understanding of our physical and non-physical systems. Dawn holds a professional degree in Paralegalism; and is the program developer and facilitator for other non-accredited Hemi-Sync® based consciousness development programs. Dawn has been a student of The Rosicrucian Order since 1994. She is a standing Member of The Institute of Noetic Science, The Monroe Institute, TMI’s Professional Division, a graduate of multiple residential and off campus TMI Programs, and is a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

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