Beginning Expanded Awareness

An Introduction to expanded states of consciousness”


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Allow 5 -6 hours

By: Dawn A. Tobin, Accredited *TMI Outreach Facilitator

Program fee $90.00

*The Monroe Institute (TMI) is an internationally acclaimed, non-profit organization dedicated to providing a positive environment for the continuing transformation of human consciousness.

The primary goal of this workshop is to support you in becoming more aware of vital internal resources hidden within each human mind. Your direct personal experience of these intriguing new states is facilitated through a patented audio guidance technology developed by The Monroe Institute, and combined with explanation, discussion and supportive group interaction. While you experience deep, total relaxation your thoughts are stilled as your mind expands beyond your physical senses opening to reveal vast new resources of internal wisdom.

In this introductory program you will have several opportunities to experience a deeply profound internal state referred to as “mind awake, body asleep”, or Focus 10. The experience of Focus 10, while unique to each individual, represents an internal state utilized by remote viewers, supports out-of-body exploration, and heightened creativity. Focus 10 becomes a platform, a starting position, from which opportunities to further explore and develop your new perceptions abound. These are profound revelations, but surprisingly frequent among Monroe participants. The value is not in the novelty of such experiences, but the practical application of expanded awareness in all aspects of living. Hemi-Sync® facilitates a state of “whole brain function” making available a broader range of perceptions with which to solve problems, develop creativity, obtain guidance, relax, reduce pain and stress, focus and concentrate, meditate, sleep deeply, enhance spiritual being, and even release self-limiting thoughts and behaviors.

You’ll return home revitalized and empowered with a greater understanding of your Total Self, and with new resources and opportunities available to you for the practical purpose of living more fully every day.

Program fee includes snacks, beverages and all hand-out materials.

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