Welcome to the web site of Dawn A. Tobin, Accredited TMI Outreach Facilitator
Founder of Humi-Luminous.


My Mission:

Empower individuals to achieve beyond perceived limitations by providing goal oriented workshops and tools specifically designed to enhance and develop increased human potentials through optimal whole brain functioning. Hemi-Sync® technology is the primary tool for achieving greater focus and control of the minds internal precesses, expanding conscious awareness.

On This Website:

Explore Workshops and Tools dedicated to facilitating your journey toward enlightenment and advanced evolution through your own internal resources and conscious intent. This is your opportunity to enjoy the benefit of expanded Being, achieved naturally and easily with abundant practical applications for every aspect of living more fully every day.

Experience Profound Transformation through multi-sensory, multi-dimensional internal awakenings supported by the groundbreaking technology of right and left brain hemispheric synchronization, known as Hemi-Sync® audio-nuero technology. Developed by The Monroe Institute - the world renowned leader in consciousness exploration and personal transformation - Hemi-Sync® is backed by more than 50 years of research and development.

Hemi-Sync® facilitates a state of “whole brain function” making available a broader range of perceptions with which to solve problems, develop creativity, obtain guidance, relax, reduce pain and stress, focus and concentrate, meditate, sleep deeply, enhance spiritual being, improve relationships, discover greater health and healing, and release a lifetime of self-limiting thoughts and behaviors.

A self-empowered life free of fears and limitations is at hand.
Are you ready for the ultimate transformation?

Isn't it time you found out for yourself?

The human journey is a process ongoing and ever changing.
Today all human expression: spiritual, religious, social, and intellectual- supported by the evidence of physical science- reveals the rapidly approaching epoch event of an emerging new humanity...Luminous, enlightened, Humi-Luminous.